162 - Pantagleize Suite (1966)
February 15, 2011 01:34 AM PST
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Composed by Alec Wilder for a production of the play Pantagleize by Michel de Ghelderode at Jerome Hill's 3rd Annual Festival de Cassis in Cassis, France, August 1966

Performed by the New York Woodwind Quintet: Samuel Baron flute, Ronald Roseman oboe, Ralph Froelich french horn, David Glazer clarinet and Arthur Weisberg bassoon

Alec's notes to Jerome: “I wrote a suite keeping in mind your point of ‘les folies.’ Three of the four movements I and Sam [Baron] feel convey this spirit. The only problem will be the style of drumming in Bamboola’s song. It must be straight jazz. I wrote that song and the Lullaby in high keys in keeping with the indications in the play that both are sung in a high hysterical voice.

"Bamboola’s song is fiendishly difficult for one not familiar with scat singing. However strict adherence to the notes is not essential.

“The Lullaby, since the playwright indicates that Pantagleize should sing it in a high voice, is accompanied in a rather petulantly Poulenc fashion. I have, however, added a Glockenspiel two octaves above the voice so that the singer (actor) won’t have too much difficulty maintaining the melody (which is simple and which later is played simply). The soldier’s song is very simple. I picked a middle baritone range, figuring the average male voice would find it comfortable.

“The percussionist should bring the following instruments: Bass drum, Snare drum, Tenor drum, Glockenspiel, Suspended cymbal (large), A variety of mallets, Triangle. There might be a chime.”