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165 - Highlights from the 27th Annual Concert Part 1 (2012)
September 06, 2012 01:14 AM PDT
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New York City April 15, 2012

All words and music by Alec Wilder unless otherwise indicated

Bob Levy introduces Honorary Guest Host Joe Wilder

If Someday Comes Ever Again words by Johnny Mercer, Ellen and Lovers and Losers words by Bill Engvick, arranged by Roger Wesby and performed by The Salvatones

Suite for Piano I Movement 3, Suite for Piano III Movement 3, Hardy Suite Movements 1 and 3, Suite for Piano II Movement 1, Un Deuxieme Essai Movements 1 and 6, Suite for Piano IV Movements 1 and 4, Sonata Fantasy Movements 2 and 4, performed by John Noel Roberts, piano (pictured)

Recording and photos by David Litofsky - Thanks!

164 - Highlights from the 26th Annual Concert Part 2 (2011)
May 15, 2011 11:12 AM PDT
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All music by Alec Wilder except as indicated

Love Among the Young, Walk Pretty, Night Talk, Blue Fool, It's a Fine Day for Walking Country Style - John Carlson trumpet, John Dirac guitar, Douglas Yates bass clarinet

Photographs (words by Fran Landesman), Whistle Stop (music by Hugh Martin, developed by Alec Wilder), While We're Young (words by William Engvick, music by Alec Wilder and Morty Palitz), I'll Be Around (words and music by Alec Wilder) - Kathleen Landis vocal and piano, Bob Levy trumpet and MC (pictured)

163 - Highlights from the 26th Annual Concert Part 1 (2011)
May 05, 2011 02:27 AM PDT
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April 10 in New York brought another rich and varied presentation of the extraordinary music of Alec Wilder

Air for Oboe and Strings oboe Rita Mitsel, piano Maria Dessena

When You Are Old (poem by W. B. Yeats), The Moon (Percy Bysshe Shelley), Suddenly (based upon the poem Everyone Sang by Siegfried Sassoon) vocal Carla Wesby, piano Barbara Lee

Sonata No. 1 for Tuba and Piano tuba Michael Salzman, piano Barbara Lee (pictured)
I Moderato
II Allegro
III Andante
IV Allegro

All music by Alec Wilder

162 - Pantagleize Suite (1966)
February 15, 2011 01:34 AM PST
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Composed by Alec Wilder for a production of the play Pantagleize by Michel de Ghelderode at Jerome Hill's 3rd Annual Festival de Cassis in Cassis, France, August 1966

Performed by the New York Woodwind Quintet: Samuel Baron flute, Ronald Roseman oboe, Ralph Froelich french horn, David Glazer clarinet and Arthur Weisberg bassoon

Alec's notes to Jerome: “I wrote a suite keeping in mind your point of ‘les folies.’ Three of the four movements I and Sam [Baron] feel convey this spirit. The only problem will be the style of drumming in Bamboola’s song. It must be straight jazz. I wrote that song and the Lullaby in high keys in keeping with the indications in the play that both are sung in a high hysterical voice.

"Bamboola’s song is fiendishly difficult for one not familiar with scat singing. However strict adherence to the notes is not essential.

“The Lullaby, since the playwright indicates that Pantagleize should sing it in a high voice, is accompanied in a rather petulantly Poulenc fashion. I have, however, added a Glockenspiel two octaves above the voice so that the singer (actor) won’t have too much difficulty maintaining the melody (which is simple and which later is played simply). The soldier’s song is very simple. I picked a middle baritone range, figuring the average male voice would find it comfortable.

“The percussionist should bring the following instruments: Bass drum, Snare drum, Tenor drum, Glockenspiel, Suspended cymbal (large), A variety of mallets, Triangle. There might be a chime.”

161 - Alec Wilder's Tribute to the Phillips Family (1973)
November 19, 2010 07:32 AM PST
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All music by Alec Wilder

1 Song for Carol written 1968

2 Suite No 2 for Tuba and Piano (Jesse's Suite) 1964

3 Suite No 3 for Tuba and Piano (Little Harvey Suite) 1966

4 Suite No 4 for Tuba and Piano (Thomas Suite) 1968

5 Suite No 5 for Tuba and Piano (Ethan Ayer Suite) 1963

All Suites contain four movements

Harvey Phillips, tuba; Bernie Leighton, piano

From LP Harvey Phillips: Alec Wilder's Tribute to the Phillips family... (Golden Crest RE 7054)

R.I.P Harvey Phillips, a giant in the world of tuba and the world of Wilder

160 - Walkin'
September 24, 2010 08:31 AM PDT
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All words and music by Alec Wilder except as indicated

Milwaukee words by Marshall Barer, performed by Kitty Kallen (Mercury 5315 1949)

Walkin' Sad music by Loonis McGlohon, sung by Mark Murphy from LP Songs of Alec Wilder (JJA 19795 1979)

Walk Pretty words by Fran Landesman, performed by Jackie and Roy recorded in 1976 from CD Echoes (Jazzed Media 2007)

Will You Come for a Walk with Me? words by Marshall Barer, performed by Mike Stewart with Mitch Miller and Orchestra (Golden R-288 1956)

It's a Fine Day for Walkin' Country Style words by William Engvick, sung by Jo Sullivan and Jim Hawthorne from the CBS production of Miss Chicken Little broadcast December 27, 1953

Walk Softly performed by Mundell Lowe and his Orchestra from LP New Music of Alec Wilder (Riverside RLP 12-219 1956)

I'd Gladly Walk to Alaska words by Arnold Sundgaard, recorded in 1960, sung by Kathleen Murray from LP Kittiwake Island (Blue Pear 1003 1983)

159 - Piece for English Horn (1953)
August 07, 2010 08:12 AM PDT
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aka Barbara

Composed by Alec Wilder

Performed by Mitch Miller on English Horn with Percy Faith and his Orchestra from the LP Music Till Midnight (Columbia CL 551)

wilderworld is saddened by the death last week of Mitch Miller at the great age of 99. No one was more important to the success of Alec Wilder than Mitch, who championed and sustained Alec and his music from day one

158 - Six by Bill Engvick and Alec Wilder (1968)
July 01, 2010 05:13 AM PDT
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Words by Bill Engvick, Music by Alec Wilder

I See It Now, Ellen and I Like It Here sung by Jack Carroll

The April Age and The Lady Sings the Blues by Elaine Delmar from LP Elaine Sings Wilder (Columbia Records SX 6044 1966)

Lovers and Losers sung by Marlene VerPlanck

The full title of this LP, produced in a small quantity by The Richmond Organization, publishers of much of the music of Alec Wilder, is "Songs for Peggy Lee / Sinatra / Ella / Tony Bennett and singers like that..." Sinatra recorded I See It Now on the LP September of My Years (Reprise F-1014 1965), Tony Bennett has performed The Lady Sings the Blues

Happy 96th Birthday Bill Engvick!

157 - Trio for Flute, Clarinet and Bassoon (2010)
May 24, 2010 02:55 AM PDT
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Composed by Alec Wilder in 1979

Paul Lustig Dunkel flute, Stephen Hart clarinet, Harrison Hollingsworth bassoon

Another selection from the 25th Annual Friends of Alec Wilder Concert on April 11, 2010

Recorded by David Litofsky

Photo by Lou Ouzer

156 - Sunday Excursion (2010)
May 06, 2010 12:03 AM PDT
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Libretto by Arnold Sundgaard, Music by Alec Wilder

Written in 1953

"Sunday Excursion has been written specifically as a companion piece for those operas, serious in tone but modest in length, which demand a curtain-raiser for their effective presentation. Serving, as it does, the function of welcoming the audience to the theater, it strives to achieve, through the character of its music and story, a lightness of touch and a friendliness of tone."

Performed April 11, 2010 at the 25th Annual Friends of Alec Wilder Concert by Aaron Gandy conductor, piano; Maria Dessena piano; David Auxier, Michael Batusic, Sara Delaney, Tessa Faye and Chris Vaughn vocals

Recorded by David Litofsky (thank you!)

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